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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility has been a strong indicator of performance and reputation for large companies. Faced with the challenge to remain profitable and, at the same time, well-regarded by public opinion, organizations have preferred practices which show how their productive activity is fully compatible with the model of sustainable development and environmental preservation.

The adoption of non-polluting equipment, recycling raw material, offering day care for mothers, continuing education courses, work training and promoting health are a few examples of this option. All these practices carry the commitment to promote citizenship, reduce socioeconomic inequalities and to maintain the offer of goods and services based on the rational use of non-renewable resources or, still, on the renewal of natural resources.

An institution as important as the Chamber of Deputies, which has over 15 thousand employees and collaborators, receives more than ten thousand visitors per month and handles an annual budget of R$ 1,6 billion, could not fail to incorporate the concept of Social Responsibility into their activities. The Chamber of Deputies is concerned with developing programmes which stimulate the rational use of resources, the preservation of the environment, social inclusion, job training and citizenship education, the latter especially among children and the young.

Equally important, the adoption of tools which guarantee full transparency in the House’s administration allows the citizen to follow up every expenditure or process of purchase and bidding.

Know some of the programmes: