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Young Parliament

The Program Young Brazilian Parliament is held annually and aims to provide high school students the experience of the political process, through the participation in a simulation of a parliamentary day in the Chamber of Deputies. During the simulation, the students are named, take office and act like deputies.

The first edition of the program was held in 2004. Since 2011, besides senior students, sophomore students can also join the programme, as well as those who attend technical education integrated to high school.

To participate, the students must be between 16 and 22 years old and be enrolled in the second or third year of high school. The student must prepare a bill and make his registration with the direction of his school.

All the bills submitted are analyzed by the coordinators of the Secretariat of Education of each state. The pre-selected projects are sent to the Chamber of Deputies, where a committee, composed by legislative servers, chooses the participant projects.

The number of Young deputies selected by each state is proportional to the number of Federal Deputies in the Chamber. During the five days of the program, the students have the opportunity to experience the everyday life of the Brazilian Parliamentarians. The procedure of propositions presented by young deputies occurs, as far as possible, according to the regimental rules that prevail in the Chamber of Deputies.