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Wood of the Constituents

In the Woods of the Constituents, history and respect to the environment walk hand in hand

Rescuing an important episode of the Brazilian democracy’s history and respecting the environment are part of the management of the Woods of the Constituents Park, created in 2008. With 70 thousand m², located next to the Three Powers Square, in the Brasília Pilot Plan, the place has two primary missions: to remind Brazil of a crucial chapter of its memory – the National Constituent Assembly and the Federal Constitution of 1988 – and to be a reference in conservation and environmental sustainability.

Eco-consciousness made history

The 1988 Constitution was the first in Brazil’s history to include an article entirely dedicated to environmental protection: article 225. In order to celebrate this deed and to honor the constituent members of parliament, nothing would be more emblematic than the act of planting trees – or an entire woodland.

The trees in the Woods

Twenty species of trees were originally selected to form the Woods of the Constituents, which was composed of 600 trees. Almost all of these are native to Brazil. There is also a group of historic trees, and a group of commemorative trees.

The Woods’ avifauna

The Woods of the Constituents Park is home for a great number of birds, including a few migratory ones. Until now, 55 different species were identified and photographed. Thus, it has become a place for preservation of species which inhabit the cerrado.