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The Federal Senate

The Federal Senate


The Federal Senate is based on the federalism. The effective federal structure presupposes power decentralization on the national territory. Hence, there is a central body (the Union), the State-members, with their own prerogatives and autonomy, and the Federal District, which includes Brasilia, where the Federal Government seat is located.

The Senators represent the interests of the Federation Units. Therefore, in the Senate the representation is equal, that is, every state and the Federal District have three Senators, regardless of population or area. The Federation units are considered equally important to the Federal Republic and there cannot be distinction or privileges among them, unless prescribed by the Constitution framers.

Consequently, the election to the Federal Senate is not proportional, but obeys the majority principle. The most voted candidates take the seats.  The list includes two substitutes for each candidate.


The Federal Senate

- Federation Units representatives

- Majority electoral system

- Three Senators for each state and for the Federal District

- Direct elections every four years, alternating between one and two-thirds of the seats

- Eight-year term, coincident to two deputies' terms (Congress)

- Now composed by 81 Senators

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