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Legislative Education and Internships

Under the coordination of the Human Resources Division, Cefor - Center for Qualification, Training and Improvement in the Chamber of Deputies plans and executes activities related to legislative education, as well as recruitment, selection and development of people in the Chamber.


Regarding the selection processes, Cefor bases its actions on the faithful observance of constitutional principles which guide the Public Administration, namely, publicity, legality, morality, impersonality and efficiency. Aiming precisely at the utmost transparency, this space provides every piece of information regarding public entrance examinations, from the opening notice until the nominations, so that candidates may monitor and check the adopted procedures.


In the same direction, the internship vacancies, the convened colleges, the covered courses and the requirements and conditions for performing the internship are exposed. Concerning legislative education, this space highlights actions aimed at perfecting the relation between the Chamber of Deputies and society, in order to represent the essence of the Legislative Power. In this field, are presented programs with direct participation of the population, such as Young Brazilian Parliament, Visit Internship, School at the Chamber and Pedagogic Mission. It is important to highlight courses that, developed at distance (DE) allow the participation of every interested citizen, without any costs. The post-graduate program also reaches society, whether through research groups, publications, or through their own specialization courses.


In summary, when providing transparency to activities and offering programmes designed for the promotion of a better and wider interaction between the Chamber and the society, our goal is to serve the citizens, which is why perfecting this space will be even better with your suggestions.