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Pro-Teen Program

Teenage Work Support Program

With the goal to find its own effective way to act in partnership with the community for the construction of well-being and a fairer, more equal society, the Chamber of Deputies created, over 20 years ago, the Teenage Work Support Program — Pro-Teen. A program of social responsibility whose essence is to socially include youngsters through education for work.

The Law No. 10.097/2000, known as Apprenticeship law, regulates the technical-professional formation of the apprentice teenager enrolled in the Program, allowing their contact with duties compatible with their physical, moral and psychological development.


A contract is signed between the Chamber of Deputies and a non-profit institution, whose aim is to provide teenagers with professional education.

Currently, the institution which qualifies apprentices is Centro Salesiano do Menor - CESAM, which besides teaching the theoretical apprentice course, is responsible for enrolment, selection, contracting and psycho-pedagogical and functional monitoring of teenagers which act in the House.

Pro-Teen counts with 460 youngsters who work from Monday to Friday, with a 4-hour working day, in the morning hours (08 h to 12 h) or afternoon (14 h to 18 h). Teenagers receive 1 (one) minimum wage, transportation allowance according to where they live, food allowance, ID badge and uniform (customized white T-shirt).

In order to join Pro-Teen, the teenager must be between 15 and 16 years old and meet the following requirements:

  • To live in the Federal District;
  • To be enrolled in public school or be a scholarship holder in a private school;
  • To attend the 8th year (or higher) of regular Elementary School; and
  • To have a per capita household income equal to or less than half the minimum wage.

The teenage apprentice admitted to the program develops qualification in several activities, being offered training in the fields of customer service (face to face and via telephone), computer skills, secretarial notions, notions of citizenship and labor market, reception techniques, archiving and protocol. The teenage can also enjoy knowledge of the organic responsibilities of a great Institution and, specially, they can observe the Brazilian Legislative Process in loco.

The Pro-Teen Executive Secretariat, belonging to the Personnel Department of the Chamber of Deputies, is responsible for supervising and monitoring the Program.

This unit acts in order to strengthen daily relationships among sectors and collaborators of the Chamber and apprentices, highlighting their importance for the House in a daily basis.

Besides orienting and coordinating activities developed by teenagers, the Pro-Teen Executive Secretariat prepares projects for development and enhancement of the Program, seeking the integral formation of young participants.

Know the main activities offered.


Actions to improve the school performance of teenagers and make them aware of the importance of study:

  • Creation of the Viva Leitura Space, where teenagers borrow literature books, textbooks and those demanded by PAS/UNb;
  • Reinforcement classes taught by volunteer public employees;
  • Award of teenagers with the best school performance;
  • Distribution of the Tips for Using Study Time Guide.
  • Forwarding report cards to supervisors.



Actions aiming to harmonize the skills of young people with the needs of sectors through a behavioral competence selection:

  • Building the competence profile in collaboration with the supervisor;
  • Group dynamics focused on competences used in setting teenagers, in order to observe specifics behaviors.
  • Participation of supervisors in setting teenagers, aiming at further integration and commitment of those who are daily close to the participants.



Actions to enrich the training of teenagers and aid them in giving the first steps towards labor market.

  • Distribution of the Tips and Opportunities Guide;
  • professional guidance and CV database;
  • promotion of the participation of apprentices in meetings and lectures offered by the House.


Actions aiming at the integration between collaborators of the House and participants of the Program, and the dissemination of Pro-Teenager for the external public.

  • Distribution of the Institutional Brochure for external publicity of the Pro-Teen Program;
  • internal and external partnerships;
  • page of the Pro-Teen Program on Camaranet;
  • promotional and guidance materials, as well as newsletters directed to pro-teenagers supervisors.


Pro-Teen Program was awarded 1st place in the Legal Person category — Social Projects, Edition 2006, of the Candango Award for Excellence in Human Resources promoted by the Brazilian Association of Human Resources — ABRH-DF.

This award shows that the Teen Work Support Program is the practical experience of solidarity and citizenship, which, along the years, has created and multiplied several actions in favor of the participant teenagers, strengthening the image of the Chamber of Deputies as a socially responsible Institution.

For further information, contact the Pro-Teen Executive Secretariat.


Annex I, 8th floor, room 804


(0xx61) 3216-7484, 3216-7489 and 3216-7483