Secretariat of Women

Established in 2013, the Secretariat for Women is a political and institutional body that works on the behalf of Brazilian women in order to enable the Chamber of Deputies to focus on gender equality and defends women's rights in Brazil and worldwide.

It comprises:

  • a General Coordination of Women's Rights (representing the Women's Caucus)
  • a Women´s Attorney´Office
  • a National Observatory of Women in Politics (ONMP)


Coordination of the Women´s Caucus 

The Women's Caucus is composed of federal deputies elected through a myriad of political parties. Its historical significance in advocating for women's rights dates back to the National Constituent Assembly (1986-1988), when it was referred to as the "Lipstick Caucus."  In 1995, the Women's Caucus at the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate was finally institutionalized, with its own regulations and the election of its coordination, working together with the Women’s Caucus at the Senate.  

In 2013, the official creation of the Secretariat for Women guaranteed the Women's Caucus: 

  • Voice and vote in the Party leaders’ group, which enabled women‘s led proposals to be given priority in the Plenary agenda;
  • Speaking time in the Plenary in equal conditions with other parliamentary leaderships;
  • Infrastructure for providing services to female deputies;
  • Promotion of the political work of female deputies through the Chamber’s media;
  • Organization of events addressing  topics of interest on women's agenda;
  • Increase in female representation at the Chamber of Deputies. 


Legislation proposed by the Women’s Caucus that were sanctioned or promulgated

From the 52nd to the 56th legislature, female deputies have introduced over 7,800 draft bills. In the last decade alone, there were 5,600 bills on various topics, and over 2,400 rapporteurships. Although the percentage of elected women is much lower than that of men, the indicators demonstrate that female deputies present more bills proportionally.

A survey undertaken by the Chamber's Documentation and Information Center (CEDI) shows that since 1954 female deputies have been responsible for the approval of 323 bills that were sanctioned or promulgated as legal norms (excluding constitutional amendments).

From the Secretariat for Women’s establishment in 2013 until the end of 2022, 182 laws were approved based on proposals from the Women's Caucus, addressing issues directly related to gender issues, such as inter alia, health, tackling gender-based violence, education, labor market, assistance, and rights enforcement.

The Women´s Attorney´s Office

The Women´s Attorney’s Office was established in 2009 to ensure more effective empowerment of women indecision-making, reception and filing of complaints on gender-based discrimination and violence, and following  them up to final judgment and decision by competent authorities. 

It oversees and monitors federal government programs that promote gender equality, economic autonomy, and women's health. It conducts educational and anti-discrimination campaigns nationwide, aiming at building a network of Women's Attorney’s Offices in all states and, if possible, municipalities across the country.

Among the initiatives developed by the Women's Attorney’s Office of the Chamber of Deputies are: 

  • “How to Create a Women’s Attorney’s Office in States and Municipalities”Guide;
  • A National Network of Women's Attorney’s Offices;
  • A system for receiving reports of violence against women.

Between 2021 and 2023, the Women’s Attorney’s Office received 246 reports of violence against women, which resulted in 886 official communications requesting action from responsible authorities of both the Judiciary and Executive branches.

As of August 2021, there were 16 State Women's Attorney’s Offices and 170 Municipal ones. By May 2023, there were already 25 in 27 State level Legislative Assemblies, including the Federal District, and 634 in Municipal Councils, either established or in due course for regulation.


National Observatory of Women in Politics 

Established in 2021, in partnership with Brazilian and foreign academia, the NOWP (ONMP, in Portuguese),supports and promotes research on gender-based political violence and on the deficit of representation in politics, and operates based on scientific evidence to change contexts of violence and discrimination against women.

The studies have allowed a progressive and profound understanding on the number of women in strategic positions of power and political decision-making.

The NOWP relies on three researching axes: 

  • Gender-based political violence;
  • Parliamentary action and female representation;
  • Political engagement and electoral processes.

The NOWP is keen on partnering with other observatories or research institutions working on likewise themes. To contact us, send an e-mail to:

Services provided by the Secretariat
  • Legislative monitoring of projects of interest to the Women's Caucus, in coordination with the Special Women's Attorney’s Office and the Leadership of the Women's Caucus in the Senate. Deputies also select bills authored by them to coordinate prioritized votes.
  • Legal advice and receiving complaints: tracking complaints of violence and discrimination against women before competent authorities and conducting hearings with authorities and diligences.
  • Preparation of Notes of Repudiation and Solidarity regarding cases of violence against women, as well as support for women candidates for leadership positions in the Executive and Judicial branches.
  • Events, publications, and partnerships: organizing seminars, public hearings, training courses, exhibitions, awards, and activities related to important dates such as Women's Month, Purple August, Pink October, and the 21 Days of Activism against gender-based violence, in addition to the National Campaign against gender-based Political Violence 
  • Promotion of the image and activities of deputies through news, newsletters, TV programs, social media, and media contacts for interviews.





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